Meet Conor, Tom, Jack, Zach and James (left to right in the image below. In the summer of 2015, these boys had a drunken jam session in the early hours of the morning, not knowing what would become of it. An EP, two tours, 1.6k Facebook likes and countless gigs later, Oceans have become something of a local fixture in their hometown Brighton, and following the release of their latest single, ‘What You Did To Me’, things are only going to get bigger for them. So, if you don’t know them already, this is everything you need to know about Oceans.

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Who does what? Lead singer Zach fronts the band, with Conor and Tom on guitars, Jack on bass, and James providing the drums.

What is their style? Oceans bring a powerful style of alt-rock to the table; or “alt-rock, sort of post-hardcore, riffy, kick in the bollocks sort of oosh!” – in the words of Conor. Or, to answer the question ‘who do they sound like’, Tom lists their influences as Don Broco, Incubus and At The Drive In.

On & On EP: consisting of four tracks, On & On is a relatively experimental first EP from Oceans. There is the title track itself, which really has that head-banging power behind it, which then goes into ‘Electrified” – a song that comes with a lighter groove and swagger, boasting energetic drum fills and funky riffs throughout.

Conor: “Every song on that EP is different from each other. I think the reason the songs on that EP are so different from each other is because we started writing straight away when we first got together, and you can sort hear in the music that we are experimenting, and playing with the direction that we want to go in.”

In fact, this EP is called On & On because of the many line-up changes Oceans have had.

Conor: “The reason it’s called On & On is because three members of band left during the same summer, 2015, but we kept going on and on.” Hard work pays off.

Gigging and touring: They do a lot of it. Two tours and countless gigs, particularly around Brighton, keep them as busy as ever. Their second most recent tour was particularly successful for the boys, managing to distribute 100 copies of their EP over the duration, and even establishing a loyal fan base, seeing fans come back to see them in specific stops on their tour. Tom even says that these tours and constant gigs and tours have made them even better as a live band, just by getting out there and “making [them] more known wherever they go.”

They’ve even just announced a new tour, kicking off next week – be sure to catch them if they are visiting you!


Their third tour promises to be the bigger and more boisterous than ever before. (Accessed from


‘What You Did To Me’: The new single represents a step in a new direction for Oceans – but a welcomed one.

Zach: “It’s definitely the direction we’re going in. The first EP was quite experimental. With the video as well, we had to prove we could make a good video, and do something cool, after the first one that was such shit! What You Did To Me is like a product of our improvement and I think that needed to show in the video, and I think if we hadn’t had done a video of that quality it would not have done it justice.”

What’s next? After the release of this new single, the boys have written a whole load of new material to take to a recording studio in the summer.

Connor: “Yeah there is a new EP coming, but we’ll leave it at that. All in due time.”

Whilst we all wait in anticipation for the next step of this ever-growing band, check out their stuff! Their powerful lyrics and driving sound may just be the next big thing to come out of Brighton. Their first EP On & On as well as the new single ‘What You Did To Me’ are available on Spotify and iTunes, where you can download the EP for £3.16 and the new single for £0.79.


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